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Mission : To "Popularize performing arts” and "Relieve the inter-regional cultural disparities”

Vision : To discover, plan original intellectual property(IP) based on the performing arts, and expand into various industries.

ㅇ Theater Production Company that create performing arts and content

We produced the first play based on webtoon in 2011 and it was a big hit with an open-run for 6 years. From 2014, we started creative workshops within the theater company. Through workshops, we produced the new theater arts “Half Brothers”, “Abrazo” From 2016, We started making musical “Secretly Greatly”, our company’s major work. In 2019, we made musical “Super Moon”, play “Shall we once again”. In 2019, a playwriting contest was held for the first time in the name of JOODA CULTURE. In 2020, we upgraded musical ”Secretly Greatly“ from a small theater musical to a medium-large theater musical.

“We are trying to create continuously New theater content to this era’s audience wants.”

ㅇ To held the only “Popularity-oriented” Theater Festival

Since 2017, “The Exit 1 Theater Festival”, which has been held at a small theater near Hye-hwa Station Exit 1, is a representative theater festival that aims for popularity in South Korea. It is the bridge between young and middle-aged theater people, audiences and artists. This festival shows the identity and philosophy of JOODA CULTURE towards mass appeal.
Six theater companies and more than 100 artists participate every year, and 83 teams supported the 5th Exit 1 Theater Festival in 2022, showing a competition rate of 14:1.

ㅇ Actor & Playwright Management

Aiming to strengthen the brand recognition of theater artists, we initiated a management system that will help strengthen the capabilities of artists and raise the level of performing and media activities. Actors belonging to "Jooda Culture" and playwrights are given priority to appear in performances produced by "Jooda Culture". (*playwrights is through "Storyket") And support media audition opportunities such as broadcasting and movies as well as management such as portfolio production so that we can expand the scope of our activities.


  • 2022
  • - Management and Auspice of The 5th Exit 1 Theater Festival (July-August, Han-yang repertoire theater)

    - Production of Musical <A Better Today Than Yesterday of Marley> (July~August, Hansung Arthall No. 1)

    - Production of Musical<Secretly, Greatly: THE LAST> (May-July. Sang-Sang Madang Daechi art theater)

  • 2021
  • - Management and Auspice of The 4th Exit 1 Theater Festival (August-October, Dream-art Center No.3)

    - 2021 Best Original Musical Award (A Better Today Than Yesterday of Marley) in The 15th Daegu International Musical Festival Best Original Musical

    - Production of the Original Premiere Play <BEEP> (20/12-21/3, Dream-art Center No.3)

  • 2020
  • - Production of Musical<Secretly, Greatly: THE LAST> (February, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts M theater)

    - <2020 The Year Of Plays> Directing Pr-Marketing,

  • 2019
  • - 2019 Production of Play<Shall We Once Again> (September-December, Dong-yang Art Theater No.3)

    - 2019 Production of Musical <Supermoon> (August-Novermber, Dream-art Center No.2)

    - <The 37Th Korea Theater Festival In Seoul> Entire Pr-Marketing

  • 2017
  • - Production of Musical <Secretly, Greatly> (July-October, Dream-art Center No.1)

    - 2017~2022 Musical <Secretly, Greatly> recorded total of 37 Cultural Art Center Invitation.

    - Management and Auspice of The 4th Exit 1 Theater Festival (August-October, Dream-art Center No.3)

  • 2016
  • - 2016 Production of Musical <Secretly, Greatly> (Februrary-March, Uniplex No.2)

  • 2015
  • - Incorporation (Previous, JH COMPANY)

    - Production of Musical <Abrazo> (Sept-Oct, Choongmu Art Hall Blue)

  • 2011
  • 2011~2015.2 Production of Play <Sam-bong barbershop> (OPEN RUN)